Harewood Kennel

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Harewood Smooth Fox Terriers

Our Foundation Dogs

"Dickens" CH. Blackthorn Christmas Carol CGC

Bred by Judy Franklin

"Chrissy" CH. Blackthorn Bit O' Mistletoe

Bred by Judy Franklin

"Allie" Dayterra Allure

Bred by Rudy & CC Day

"Porsche" CH. Warfox Boxter Phoxquest

Bred by Shuler & Linda Nelson

"Pete" CH. Blackthorn Light Brigade

Bred by Judy Franklin, the Nelsons and Annebly Harwood-Aroney

Check out Pete's page!

"Tiki" CH. Foxlorr Fatima ROM

Bred by Lorraine Gyenge

"Demi" CH. Morgansonne Demi Dragon

Bred by Ruth Edwards

"Chase" MBISS GCHP. Lil'Itch Steeplechase CGC, RATN

Bred by Suzann Hoesman & Sarah Lopez

Some of Our Past Foxies

"Greta" CH. Harewood Half a Pair

"Cabby" CH. Harewood Capriole AX, MXJ

Owned by Gail Taylor

"Hanna" CH. Harewood Hand It Over ROM

Owned by Doris Conrad

"Issie" CH. Harewood Issabella

Owned by Darla Clark & Pat Strupp

"Juno" CH. Mt Olympus Harewood Juno

"Megan" CH. Harewood C'est Moi

"Luna" CH. Harewood Stella Sta Sera

Co=Owned with Jenna Orvos

"Tabitha" CH. Harewood I'm Taking Over

Co=Owned with Cortney Corral

"Rascal" CH. Harewood Fast Cars and Freedom

"Miranda" CH. Harewood Foxcove Gunpwder and Lead

Bred by Don & Sarah Covell

"Fritz" BISS GCH. Harewood On The Naughty List @ Lakesyd

Co-Owned with Kari Burkholder

"Rikki" CH. Harewood Rikki Tikki Tavvi

Owned by Darla Clark & Pat Strupp

Current Foxies

"Asti" CH. MACH3 Harewood Lakesyde Cup of Cheer MXB MJS T2B XF RAT-I

Owned by Alyssia Black

"Wicked" BIS GCH Cheltenham Harewood Tainted Apple

"Conan" GCH. Harewood Attention Please!

Owned by Linda Conrad

"Quill" Burberry Harewood Calligraphy

Co-Bred with Kate Batzner & Julie and Liz Holle

"Tink" GCH, Harewood Tropical Topaz

Co-Owned with Ed & Susan Schrank

"Cutter" Harewood Rockabye Cut To The Chase

"Kismet" Rockabye Harewood Chase Your Dreams

Our Stud Dogs
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"Chase" MBISS GCHP. Lil'Itch Steeplechase CGC, RATN

"Onyx" BISS GCH. Harewood Blackthorn Onyx

Notable Producers
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"Tiffany" BISS CH. Harewood White Diamond