Harewood Kennel

Harewood Kennel

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Our Foundation Weenies

"Ducati" MBIS MBISS Am GCH. Platinum Rom Hun Lux Pl CH European Winner '16 Raydachs Ride My Ducati SW

Co-Owned with and bred-by Shirley Ray

"Winston" GCH Raydachs Riverwood Ready, Aim, Fire! 

Co-Owned by Shirley Ray and Sandy Alexander

Bred by Melodie Staehnke & Shirley Ray

"Katniss" GCH Raydachs Catching Fire v Gleishorbach

Co-owned and bred by Shirley Ray

"Mickey" GCH. Raydachs Rippin' Good SW

Co-owned with and bred-by Shirley Ray

"Daily" CH. Raydachs Hot Off the Press V Harewood SW

Co-owned with and bred-by Shirley Ray

"Helly Hansen" Harewood Snowbody's Business V Raydachs SW